Career Development

Medical Student Careers

Medical students at the School of Medicine have many diverse specialty interests. Some students have a specialty in mind in Year 1, others will not decide until later in their medical education. The Office of Student Affairs, clinical faculty and mentors will help each student pursue his or her career goals.

Year 1

  • Join a student interest group (SIG) or attend SIG meetings to learn more about specialties
  • Introduction to the Career Insight Advisory Groups program
  • Complete the medical specialty inventory on the AAMC Careers in Medicine site (log in required)
  • Attend specialty information luncheons throughout the year
  • Get involved in the CIAG mentoring groups (Career Insight Advisory Groups)
  • Consider a clinical preceptorship in an area of interest the summer between Years 1 and 2
  • CV Workshop for Year 1 students

Year 2

  • Continue to attend specialty luncheons and SIG meetings
  • Attend Specialty Roundtables (speed dating for specialty information)
  • CIAG program - continue to participate and communicate with your CIAG mentor

Year 3

  • Continue information gathering about specialties
  • Begin to narrow down your specialty interests
  • Attend Clinical Advising Workshops during early spring semester
  • Complete the Student Self Assessment form
  • Review national and School of Medicine residency match outcomes reports and data

Year 4

  • Identify your advisor
  • Medical Student Performance Evaluation (MSPE) process and student specialty choice
  • Residency applications completed and submitted
  • Register for the NRMP Match
  • Complete residency interviews