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Neon lights and nightlife persuade the masses to visit Las Vegas. The city is filled with glamorous shows and glitzy entertainment venues but surprisingly also hosts much more relaxed and family-friendly recreational activities. It is perhaps one of the most unique and interesting places to work or spend residency training. Inside "The Strip" and beyond, the city offers world-class cuisine, arts and culture activities and thrilling outdoor adventures.

Las Vegas prides itself on record-breaking phenomena's, but it also has a lot more to offer. For NASCAR fans, the Las Vegas Motor Speedway is the best way to experience the fast-life, and for the adrenaline-pumped fan, the Professional Bull Riders World Finals takes place annually in Las Vegas and can't be missed.

Sports are among some of the city's best entertainment. Not only is Las Vegas the boxing capital of the world, residents like to cheer on the local Las Vegas 51s minor-league baseball team or one of the many UNLV Rebel collegiate athletic games.

The Mob Museum and the Shark Reef at Mandalay Bay are two distinctive attractions that are on most must-do lists. However, anyone can find tranquility away from tourist hot-spots among the numerous golf courses Las Vegas has to offer. With over 210 sunny days a year, experiencing the city's outdoor appeal while hiking Red Rock Canyon or swimming at Lake Mead come highly recommended. Black Canyon is another local choice to participate in water activities or it is always suggested to take a look at the engineering marvel, Hoover Dam.

There is plenty of time for everything on the agenda, because Las Vegas is a 24/7 operation. So taking a zip-line in between casinos or screaming on a rollercoaster ride can happen whenever the time feels right.

Las Vegas is one of the fastest growing cities in the United States, with a population over two-million. Residents enjoy personalized shopping experiences from thrift-stores to high-end retail and dining provided by world-famous culinary artists. Local communities also support the arts district downtown and soak up the sun with family pets at a number of dog-parks in Las Vegas.

Living in Las Vegas is much like living in any other major metropolitan but locals can take advantage of low-cost living and affordable housing. While working and residing here, residents benefit from no income tax, no inheritance tax and no estate tax. In addition, several excellent educational opportunities exist among public, private and charter schools to community colleges and universities.

Getting away from the suburban family-life and the tourist scene is easily a short-drive to spend a weekend getaway in southern California or sightseeing the awe-inspiring national parks of Utah or Arizona.

You don't need to go far though to experience the rich history Las Vegas has to offer. Emerging as a railroad town, it once acted as a halfway stop in between Los Angles and Salt Lake City where visitors could attempt their luck to fulfill hopes and dreams. As the city grew it boasted legalized gambling, mobsters and quickie-divorces generating the nickname Sin-City with good reason.

Today, Las Vegas boasts culture and fun in a desirable setting against the red rock mountains and desert sunsets. Besides the world's largest chocolate fountain at the Bellagio or the largest video screen in the nation on Fremont Street, Las Vegas offers more than swim-up blackjack tables and feather boas. It is a city to live or play, but where one always has fun.

SkyCamUSA uses a drone to capture some scenic video of downtown Las Vegas.