Resident Transfer Policy

Future Students


At times programs have open positions from either attrition or expansion or in special circumstances create new positions and need to recruit residents. These new positions are often above the PGY1 training level. Programs may choose to accept residents from other training programs at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine or from accredited programs in the United States.


  1. Residents/fellows transferring into a residency/fellowship at the School of Medicine from another program must meet the requirements outlined in the institution's Resident Eligibility and Selection policy.
  2. Residents/fellows transferring from an School of Medicine residency/fellowship must meet the appropriate parts of the procedure outlined below.


  1. Before accepting a resident who is transferring from another program, the program director must obtain:
    1. Written or electronic verification of previous educational experiences
    2. A summative competency-based performance evaluation of the transferring resident
    3. A written or electronic letter of recommendation from the resident's current program director
    4. Complete the following checklist prior to making an offer:
      • Have the two documents listed in item 1a and 1b.
      • Determine the amount of credit that can be applied from prior program to the current one (some programs give total credit, others if significant change only give part, others give none) - get confirmation from respective ABMS certifying board
      • Determine if any issues will require board appearances and take that into consideration for setting a start date
      • Provide firm dates as to completion of forms and submission of license documents
      • Schedule an individual orientation if regularly scheduled orientation is not realistic
  2. A resident/fellow transferring out of a residency/fellowship program sponsored by the School of Medicine must do the following:
    1. Notify their program director in a timely manner
    2. Must complete all program specific requirements (i.e. call, documents, etc.) and all program specific exit requirements.
    3. Must meet with the program director to review and sign the final verification of training
  3. Program directors who have residents transferring from their programs must provide a verification of the resident's fellow's status in the program and complete a summative performance evaluation for the resident/fellow and the next program director in a timely manner.

Reviewed and approved by GMEC Las Vegas and Reno June 2012