BS-MD Students: UNLV

Future Students

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Program Staff

BS-MD Majors offered at UNLV

  • Biology
  • Chemistry

Year 1 blocks at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine count dually toward the BS and MD degrees and complete students' upper division science electives and requirements for each undergraduate major.

Additional Information

  • UNLV Honors Program: UNLV BS-MD students are required to be dually enrolled in the UNLV Honors Program. Contact Andre Lawson for further information.
  • BS-MD Student Handbook
  • BS-MD Support Services: All students accepted into the BS-MD program are paired with a Year III medical student mentor. BS-MD students will meet their mentor during the annual orientation event on the UNLV campus.
  • BS-MD Peer Contact: Each BS-MD student is assigned a current BS-MD student, still in the undergraduate track, as a peer contact. Students will meet their peer contact during the program orientation on the UNLV campus.