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Year I Blocks at School of Medicine count dually towards the BS and MD degrees and complete upper division science electives for each undergraduate major.

Additional Programs Offered

UNR Course Sequencing for MCAT Preparation

Students selected for the UNR BS-MD program need to be aware that summer coursework will be a requirement to complete preparation for the MCAT, which is taken at the end of the second summer of the BS-MD program. UNR students have the following options:

  1. Enter the program with AP Chemistry scores 4 or 5 which will allow students to earn credit for the two chemistry lecture courses required, CHEM 121A and 122A. Students will still be required to take the lab courses, CHEM 121L and CHEM 122L at UNR (if not already taken), but not the lecture portion of the courses.
  2. Take general chemistry sequence, CHEM 121 and 122 at the closest Nevada university, college, or community college the summer prior to entering freshman year at UNR and transfer those courses to UNR. Please note that summer sessions for some students may conflict with the last day of senior year and/or graduation dates. Students should access the institution's websites for course information and application processes to take a course non-degree seeking student.
  3. Take the Organic Chemistry sequence, CHEM 241 and 242, at UNLV the summer between Year 1 and 2 of the BS-MD program and transfer those courses to UNR. Students only need to take the lecture portion of these courses. The lab course, CHEM 345, can be taken at UNR during student's third year in the program. The BS-MD program will accept these transfer credits and/or AP credits for students to satisfy this requirement.

Other resources

  • BS-MD Student Handbook
  • BS-MD Support Services - All students accepted into the BS-MD program are paired with a Year I or II medical student mentor. BS-MD students will meet their mentor during the annual orientation event held the week before fall semester classes begin at UNR.
  • BS-MD Peer Contact: Each BS-MD student is assigned a current BS-MD student, still in the undergraduate track, as a peer contact. Students will meet their peer contact during the program orientation the Friday before fall semester classes begin at UNR.
  • BS-MD Co Curricular Options - UNR Program
  • Community Service
  • Research
  • Clinical Experiences

Contact the BS-MD program if you have questions.