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UNR Med Event Tips

  • Complete the estimate budget worksheet available through Events and Protocol.
  • Submit the worksheet to your department's hosting budget representative for approval. If you don't know who this person is contact Events and Protocol.
  • Confirm accounts being used and what items go on which lines (supplies, travel, hosting).
  • If hosting (food, beverage, limited gifts) will be more than $1,000, file special hosting request form prior to the event. Some events and/ or event expenses are not permitted on state accounts while others are. Please work with your budget representative to ensure proper use of funds.


*What is stated in the administrative manual will always take precedence to what is listed on this website*

  • Every hosting expense requires a Hosting Expense Form
  • Note that the names of attendees are required if under 20 guests attend the event
  • Hosting limits cannot exceed what's listed in the administrative manual.