Gerontology Academic Program (GAP)

Sanford Center for Aging

GAP Students

In 1989 the 24-credit gerontology certificate program was approved by the University Courses and Curriculum. In 1991 the 18-credit gerontology minor was approved.

The Gerontology Academic Program (GAP) has primary leadership responsibility for developing gerontology education at the University of Nevada, Reno and seeks to be recognized as a national leader and premier learning site for undergraduates, graduate students, and professional providers interested in the field of aging. In collaboration with the Interdisciplinary Gerontology Curriculum Committee (IGCC), GAP provides up-to-date knowledge on the physical, psychological, communicative, and social aspects of aging.

AGHE LogoThrough faculty mentoring relationships that foster student research, critical thinking, and practical application of theoretical knowledge, student scholars are prepared to enter a variety of challenging careers in the field of aging.

The Gerontology Academic Program at the University of Nevada, Reno is one of thirteen schools in the country that holds the distinction of Program of Merit which is a program of review available to any program in aging at the Master's, Bachelor's, or Associate's level. The designation provides gerontology programs with an AGHE "stamp of approval," which can be used to verify program quality to administrators, to lobby for additional resources to maintain a quality program, to market the program, and to recruit prospective students into the program. Each program is evaluated according to its own goals and objectives.

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