Undergraduate Gerontology Certificate

Sanford Center for Aging

Students may select the gerontology certificate program to acquire a specialization in the field of aging that provides a foundation for professional development in many careers. The gerontology certificate program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, provides a broad base of knowledge as it is applied to the aging process, examines issues of concern to the older adult in today's society, and includes a practice component where students must apply theoretical knowledge in a community setting serving older adults. The program covers the biological, communicative, physiological, psychological, social, and health aspects of aging and includes a minimum of 135 hours of service learning experience with older adults.

NOTE: Students who are enrolled in this program solely are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

24-Unit Gerontology Certificate Requirements (Catalog Year 2019-20)

Required Courses: 18 Units

24-Unit Gerontology Certificate Requirements by semester offered
OptionCourse #TitleUnitsFallSpringSummer
Choose one
Introductory, Multidisciplinary Course
GERO 201

Topics and Careers in Aging (30 hours service learning)

3 X X
GERO/CHS 337 Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach 3 X X
Choose one
Sociology of Aging
GERO 440 Perspectives on Aging (30 hours service learning) 3 X
GERO 431

A Life Course Perspective on Aging and Society (30 hours service learning)

3 X
Psychology of AgingGERO/PSY 442 Psychology of Aging 3 x X
Choose one
Biological, Physiological, and Health Aspects of Aging
GERO/NURS 430 Aging and Health 3 X
SPA 421 Communication and Aging (20 hours service learning) 3 X
Choose one
Integration Course
CHS 470 Introduction to Public Health and Aging 3 X X
PSC 401Q Generational Politics and Policy 3 X (odd years)
HDFS 456 Death and Dying: Family and Lifespan Perspectives 3 X
Choose one
Practicum/Field Experience
GERO 499 Gerontology Field Experience (135 hours service learning) CO14
3 X X X
OTHER Field experience course in other academic departments (e.g., PSY 447) (with approval from GAP Coordinator or Director) 3

Elective Courses: 6 Units

NOTE: Any course listed above that was not taken as a "core" course may be used as an elective.

Gerontology certificate program Elective courses by units and semester offered
PSY 448 Geropsychology: Independent Study 1-3 X X
SW 461 Social Services in Death, Dying and Bereavement 3 X
SW 465 Social Service Programs and Services for Older Adults 3   x
CHS 495 Special Problems in Public Health (with approval from GAP Coordinator or Director; topic must be aging-related) 1-3 x x
Aging and Addiction 3 X X
PSY/SOC 276 Aging in Modern American Society (offered through TMCC) 3 X X

NOTE: With prior approval from the GAP Coordinator or Director, other courses may be accepted as elective if over half of the content pertains to aging