Gerontology Certificate

Sanford Center for Aging

Students select the gerontology certificate program to acquire a deeper understanding of the field of aging; providing a foundation for professional development in many careers. The gerontology certificate program offers an interdisciplinary curriculum, and provides a broad base of knowledge as it is applied to the aging process. The program covers the biological, communicative, physiological, psychological, social, and health aspects of aging and includes a minimum of 135 hours of service learning experience with older adults.

NOTE: Students who are only enrolled in this program (not degree-seeking) are not eligible for Federal Financial Aid.

24-Unit Gerontology Certificate:  Requirements - Catalog Year 2022-23

Required Courses: 18 Units

24-Unit Gerontology Certificate Requirements by semester offered
OptionCourse #TitleUnitsFallSpringSummer
Choose one
Introductory, Multidisciplinary Course
GERO 201

Introduction to Aging Studies (30 hours service learning) (formerly Topics and Careers in Aging) CO10

3 X X
GERO/PBH 337 Aging: An Interdisciplinary Approach 3 X X
Choose one
Sociology of Aging
GERO 440 Perspectives on Aging (30 hours service learning) 3 X
GERO 431

A Life Course Perspective on Aging and Society (30 hours service learning)

3 X
Psychology of AgingGERO/PSY 335 (formerly 442) Psychology of Aging 3 X  
Choose one
Biological, Physiological, and Health Aspects of Aging
GERO/NURS 430 Aging and Health 3 X
SPA 421 Communication and Aging (20 hours service learning) 3 X
Choose one
Integration Course
PBH 470 Introduction to Public Health and Aging CO13 3 X X
PSC 401Q Generational Politics and Policy 3 X (odd years)
HDFS 456 Death and Dying: Family and Lifespan Perspectives 3 TBD TBD TBD
SOC 484 Sociology of Death and Dying CO12 3 X
Choose one
Practicum/Field Experience
GERO 499 Gerontology Field Experience (135 hours service learning) CO14
3 X X X
OTHER Field experience course in other academic departments (e.g., PSY 447) (with approval from GAP  Director) 3

Elective Courses: 6 Units

NOTE: Any course listed above that was not taken as a "core" course may be used as an elective.

Gerontology certificate program Elective courses by units and semester offered
PSY 448 Geropsychology: Independent Study 1-3 X X
GERO 485 Selected Topics in Gerontology 3 X X
SW 461 Social Services in Death, Dying and Bereavement 3 X
SW 465 Social Service Programs and Services for Older Adults 3 TBD  TBD TBD
Aging and Addiction 3 X X

NOTE: With prior approval from the GAP Director, other courses may be accepted as elective if over half of the content pertains to aging. Some Required and Elective courses may also be scheduled in Summer and/or Wintermester - contact the Gerontology Academic Program (