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Our Clinic’s Values

Sanford Center for Aging

sanford center geriatric clinic

Our team embraces the following values when collaborating with our clients and their care partners while advancing the study of aging:

  • A whole-person, interdisciplinary approach: Our assessment, planning, referral and navigation services embrace all available disciplinary perspectives in order to consider the entire person, including physical and psychological well-being, as well as the strength of their social support network and resources.
  • Elder-driven partnerships: Our services are driven by and centered around the client values, preferences and goals, and as a genuine partnership with the entire care and support team.
  • Cultural humility: Our services are reflective of client cultural values, ensuring all services and supports are offered in a manner consistent with the client's cultural needs and preferences.
  • Experiential learning: Our clinic serves as an educational center for both current and future providers, allowing for the development of skills necessary for working with an interdisciplinary clinic providing whole-person approaches to care of older adults.
  • Knowledge generation: Through various research activities, our clinic supports all disciplines represented across the University to further the knowledge base regarding the aging experience and appropriate supports and services.