Nevada Geriatrics Telehealth Collaborative

Sanford Center for Aging

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Specialized health care for elders. No need to leave home.

PROVIDERS: Refer your patients or get more information by calling the Sanford Center for Aging, (775) 784-4774.

CLIENTS/PATIENTS: Request services here

The Nevada Geriatrics Telehealth Collaborative is a statewide group of organizations ensuring Nevada elders have access to a wide range of telehealth services from the convenience and safety of their homes.

Current Collaborative members:

Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessment

Social Work Consultation


Dementia Assessment/Treatment

Psychiatric Assessment/Treatment

Physical, Occupational and Speech Therapy

Chronic Care Management

Primary Care


If your practice is interested in joining the collaborative, contact us at


  • Comprehensive Geriatrics Assessment. This is your window to all our services. It includes the following from our geriatrics specialists:
    • Medical review
    • Psychosocial review
    • Cognitive review
    • Medication review
    • Care plan with recommendations
  • Specialists and programs for follow-up and follow-through. As needed, patients are referred to:
    • Chronic Care Management
    • Tele-Dementia Care
    • Social Work Counseling
    • Tele-Psychiatry
    • Occupational, Physical and Speech Therapy
    • Primary care provider, if needed

Equipment needed

Computer or tablet equipped with a camera and connected to high-speed internet service, or a cellphone with a camera. We may be able to help with equipment needs; contact us at (775) 784-4774 for details.


We will work through your existing insurance, including Medicare, to cover costs. We will not turn anyone away if they are uninsured, but may need to explore options.

More about the collaborative

Our mission is to provide needed clinical services for elders from the convenience of their own homes.

How to join us: If your practice is interested in providing services through the Nevada Geriatrics Telehealth Collaborative, call (775) 784-4774 or email

The Sanford Center for Aging clinic is proud to be a member of the Nevada Geriatrics Telehealth Collaborative.

Leadership: The Nevada Geriatrics Telehealth Collaborative is led by these steering committee members.

The Collaborative is a project of Nevada Aging and Disability Services.