Sanford Center for Aging
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Sanford Center for Aging

Reno (mailing address)

Center for Molecular Medicine
Room 150
1664 North Virginia Street, Mail Stop 0146
Reno, NV 89557

(775) 784-4774

Las Vegas (physical address)

8050 Paradise Road
Suite 100
Las Vegas, NV 89123-1904

(702) 948-5911

Patricia Swager Patricia Swager M.Ed.
Clinical Education Director, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
(775) 327-2285
Shelby Greene LCSW
Coordinator of Clinical Social Services
Phyllis Militello M.P.A.
Education Assistant, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
(702) 916-3718
Dolores Ward Dolores Ward-Cox M.S.
Education Coordinator, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
(775) 682-8470

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