NGEC Zoom policies and procedures

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Nevada Geriatric Education Center (NGEC) ZOOM POLICIES AND PROCEDURES

The Nevada Geriatric Education Center is pleased to be able to offer interactive video trainings via Zoom. To reduce the potential for unexpected distractions, several new policies and procedures have been implemented. Our goal is to provide a valuable learning experience for all attendees. Please review the below information to ensure you are aware of and are able to comply with these policies and procedures.

  • Register at least 3 business days in advance of the training.
  • Provide additional registration information, if needed. You will be asked the below questions so that your identity may be confirmed for admission into the training.
    • If you plan to attend the training by phone (or use your phone as the microphone), you MUST provide that phone number to be admitted into the training. Provide your 10-digit phone number in this format: 123-456-7890. Note: You may also use the option when logging into to Zoom to use your phone as a microphone.
    • If you plan to use a device (tablet, phone, etc.) that doesn't display your name as registered, you MUST provide your unique device name to be admitted into the training.
  • Keep the email that confirms your registration. It provides the Zoom meeting number/log-in information, a link to the handouts, and a link to the program evaluation.
  • You will be placed in a waiting room until your registration can be confirmed.
  • Ensure your profile name appears on your device (tablet, phone, etc.) as it appears on your professional license and/or registration.
  • You can right click on your Zoom screen to change your profile name if needed.
  • Your name will appear on the Zoom usage report for the meeting, which is used as the sign-in sheet to verify attendance for and length of time you participated in the training. The usage report is also sent to the state boards in lieu of a traditional sign-in sheet.
  • Ensure your microphone remains muted and your video is not being shared during the training.
  • Note: The audio and video settings are at the bottom left of your Zoom profile screen.

Zoom display example

  • Submit questions for the speaker using the Chat function.
  • Telephone log-ins or misnamed devices (if not provided during registration) are required to email the program coordinator:
    • For the Annual Caregiver Conference and Geriatric Lecture Series trainings, send an email to Natalie Mazzullo at Be sure to include your phone number or device name, and your full name (name you used when registering) with a request to access the specific training.

    • For ADSD Staff, Bravo Zulu, ICECAP certificate and Rural Trainings send an email to Dolores Ward Cox at Be sure to include your phone number or device name, and your full name (name you used when registering) with a request to access the specific training.
  • For technical questions regarding Zoom, please contact Jamille Sirotek at: or at 775-738-3828 ext. 21.
  • Submit your evaluation on-line within three to six business days in order to receive a certificate of attendance.
  • Check your email spam for your certificate of attendance* if you have not received it within 15 to 30 calendar days after the training.
  • Refer to NGEC Continuing Education Policies for additional information.
  • Compare people requesting admittance into trainings with a list of registrants before allowing someone to enter the training.
  • Mute a participant's microphone, turn off their video capabilities, and/or remove them from the training entirely if we believe a participant has joined our meeting and is causing distractions.
  • Request that all questions and comments be made using the Chat feature.
  • Verify registration, participation (usage report), evaluation completion and receipt of registration fees (if applicable) before issuing certificates of attendance.
  • Submit usage report* to appropriate state boards within 20 to 30 calendar days (based on board requirements).
  • Issue certificates of attendance by email within 15 to 30 days of the training.

* Note: The usage report will be used to verify the number of minutes of participation and the certificate of attendance will be adjusted accordingly.

Updated: July 8, 2020.