Medication Therapy Management

Educate Before You Medicate

person dispensing pill from bottle into hand

Medicines are important for living well, but as we age, our bodies respond to medications differently.

The Sanford Center for Aging Medication Therapy Management (MTM) Program offers comprehensive medication reviews for Nevadans age 60 and older who are taking five or more medications and/or supplements. The reviews are FREE for everyone, with special priority for low-income, rural and minority participants. Reviews can be done in person or over the phone with our Board Certified Geriatric Pharmacist.

How will you benefit from talking to a pharmacist?

Identify possibly unsafe medications and help prevent side effects.
Improve your understanding of your medications so you can take an active role in managing your health.
Answer questions or concerns you have.
Learn how to get the most benefit from your medications and supplements, and learn whether the supplements you're taking are really making a difference in your health.

For more information, call (775) 784-1612 or email

If you are interested in signing up for Medication Therapy Management and meet the required criteria for who we serve, we invite you to participate in our program.

How it works:

Program paperwork can be mailed or emailed to participants. Once the completed paperwork is received, a representative of the MTM program will contact you to address questions and schedule a telephone or in-person consultation with you, your care partners if desired and the pharmacist. You will receive an evaluation outlining the pharmacist's recommendations and additional copies to share with your other healthcare providers if requested.

**Your medical provider may have different opinions about the recommendations made by the clinical pharmacist. Therefore, you need to discuss the recommendations made by the pharmacist with them before you make any changes to your medications.**

This program is sponsored in part by Nevada Aging & Disability Services Division and Renown Health / Hometown Health.