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A woman volunteering with Washoe County RSVP helps a person plant flowers in a pot.

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About the Program

The Sanford Center for Aging is an AmeriCorps Seniors grantee and receives funding through their RSVP program, which pairs Americans aged 55 and older with organizations making change in our community.

Are you 55 or older? Come serve with us! AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers who serve in our RSVP program choose how, where, and when they want to serve, with commitments ranging from a few hours to 40 hours per week. We will help you find a service opportunity you are passionate about. With RSVP you can use the skills and talents you've learned over the years, or develop new ones while serving in a variety of volunteer activities in your community. AmeriCorps Seniors volunteers themselves report better health and longevity having served their community.

Volunteer Opportunities

  • Providing companionship and support to vulnerable older adults
  • Distributing free medical equipment, supplies, and prescription assistance to Nevadans in need
  • Facilitating wellness programs online or in person
  • Providing social support to older adults online or over the phone
  • Advocating for community safety
  • Promoting art and culture
  • Providing transportation to older adults in the community
  • Strengthening our community in other ways

Volunteer Benefits

As an AmeriCorps Seniors volunteer with Washoe County RSVP, you'll forge new relationships with people in your community and make a significant difference in the lives of others.

You will serve with a nationally recognized network of community volunteers.

Your volunteer efforts will be recognized by our community.

You can request mileage reimbursement and will receive other tangible benefits.

Get Involved

We would love to hear from you! Contact us with any questions or to enroll:

Washoe County RSVP

Sanford Center for Aging

(775) 784-1807