Art Partners

Sanford Center for Aging

Senior citizen and Caregiver laughing

Art Partners is a program based in inter-generational exchange, learning, and relationships through appreciation of the humanities.
The Sanford Center for Aging and the John and Geraldine Lilley Museum of Art hold a variety of art-based events throughout the year for Art Partners to participate in. Examples of previous events including printmaking, weaving, and virtual reality. No two are the same and they give the chance to share art with someone new!

This program builds intergenerational relationships by pairing students with older adults. Along with this, many of the older adults in our program receive transportation from their Art Partner. By carpooling, the Art Partners are able to build a stronger relationship and overcome a common barrier for social engagement - transportation.

The age range for participants in our program is extremely broad - our youngest participant is 18, and our oldest is 92!

"I hope this program can continue and grow... it benefits all who participate, as well as all who the participants go on to interact with outside the program. It's a great way to strengthen our community! Thank you!" - Leslie, an Art Partner

Volunteer orientations are held on an as-needed basis and we ask for a year long commitment from our volunteers. Events are generally held on Saturday mornings once a month.

Contact Carter Norris at (775) 784-1036 or for more information.

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