Sanford Center for Aging
Our Staff

Sanford Center for Aging

Peter Reed Peter Reed Ph.D., MPH
Director, Sanford Center for Aging
(775) 327-2283
Yvonne Beasley Yvonne Beasley
Marketing & Communications Director VISTA
(775) 784-1811
Susan J Harris Susan J Harris
Administrative Assistant, Academics and Education
(775) 784-6824
Kelley Macmillan Kelley Macmillan Ph.D.
Director of Community and Social Services
Natalie Mazzullo Natalie Mazzullo M.Ed.
Assistant Director, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
Stephanie McCurry Stephanie McCurry
Office Manager; Events Coordinator
(775) 784-8072
Phyllis Militello M.P.A.
Education Assistant, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
(702) 916-3718
Carter Norris Carter Norris
VISTA Volunteer and Community Partnership Coordinator
(775) 784-1807
Sijia Qui Sijia Qui
VISTA Wellness Outreach Coordinator
(775) 784-1806
Sina Ward Sina Peau Ward Ed.D.
Project Director, Senior Outreach Services
(775) 784-7506
Dolores Ward Dolores Ward-Cox M.S.
Education Coordinator, Nevada Geriatric Education Center
(775) 682-8470

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