Our Statement on Social Justice

Sanford Center for Aging

In these tense moments of social unrest, the entire team at the Sanford Center for Aging - faculty, staff, and students - share in the "Call to action" for change, equality, and transformative justice reform echoing across our country and the globe.

Our team at the Sanford Center encourage free-thinking and participation in respectful dialogue. We acknowledge these conversations can be difficult. We accept the challenge of having difficult conversations. It's important to understand other cultures and others' opinions- even if you don't agree. In this process of dialogue, we acknowledge our privilege and biases.

Black lives matter!!

George Floyd's life mattered.
His life, and the lives of many who have died as a result of police and citizen brutality matter.

We vehemently and fundamentally reject any covert or overt practice of discrimination, harassment, oppression, or racially motivated violence perpetrated upon Black citizens in the United States or abroad.

We stand with those who seek to expose and eradicate such discriminatory and oppressive ideology, beliefs and behavior.

We lend our voice and a listening ear to promote transparent and meaningful conversations throughout our organization about the importance of diversity and inclusion.
It is important to keep the movement going to continue educating oneself and staying informed on current events.

As professionals, educators, and students in the field of aging, we see on a firsthand basis how racism and socioeconomic disadvantages have harmed people of color. As students in the Gerontology Academic Program we learn about the discrimination of older adults in health care and social service policies, and society as a whole. We will be engaged in the demand for change, and the restructure of deliverable service(s) to our community in a fair and equitable manner.

The team at the Sanford Center for Aging will take these immediate actions to address the impact of racism.

  • Speak up when we hear a racist comment geared toward Black individuals
  • Attend University and School of Medicine training and seminars on Implicit Bias and Microaggression
  • Review our policies, protocols, and practices to ensure they respect all Sanford Center for Aging clients without bias
  • Review the Gerontology Academic Program curriculum and course syllabi to ensure they include economic, social, and policy content to illuminate the impact of racial disparity, and develop skills to revise policies to promote racial equality and cultural humility
  • Speak your mind through social media, healthy conversations at home, or respectful dialogue amongst friends and peers
  • Encourage our entire team to sign petitions, contact leaders, and contribute to and participate in Black Lives Matter causes and events

Black lives matter and have always mattered.
Please don't stop talking about Black Lives Matter.

Reference: Black Lives Matter website