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Sanford Center for Aging

Faculty Fellows Support Program promotes Aging-related research projects

The inaugural recipients of the Sanford Center Faculty Fellows Program were selected in Fall 2015. Learn more about these scholars and their innovative research.

Aging Research Collaborative

  • Planning Committee: Dan Cook, Jan Fisher, Zebbedia Gib, Richelle O'Driscoll, Peter Reed, Judith Sugar, Mehmet Tosun


The overall purpose of this initiative is to facilitate interactions between, and provide support to, the 40+ researchers across the UNR campus engaged in aging-related research, promoting clusters of interdisciplinary research that will generate new knowledge across a wide range of lines of inquiry.

The Importance of an Interdisciplinary Campus-Wide Effort

Several values underlie the Sanford Center for Aging's perspectives on aging research. These include:

  • That all people are aging
  • That aging is not a disease, but rather is a normal life experience that relates to all elements of individual, community and societal living
  • That there are multiple interacting levels of influence on well-being of aging populations.

In short, aging is a multidimensional experience that demands an inter-disciplinary approach to research and service — an approach that includes, but extends well beyond, the health disciplines. There is no discipline whose work is not in one way or another related to the aging experience (when considered from lifespan and complexity perspectives). Therefore, this initiative encourages participation from faculty and students campus-wide, seeking to truly foster interactions from a range of disciplines.


  • To build capacity by exposing the campus to the wider field of aging research.
  • To offer opportunities for faculty and students to share their research.
  • To identify common themes across University of Nevada, Reno research to develop a unified aging research agenda and foster several interdisciplinary clusters of research innovation.


Visit our calendar of events for the latest activities.

Sanford Center for Aging Program Evaluation (SCAPE)

To demonstrate the impact of community outreach programs in serving elders, the center conducts program evaluation research to assess both, its own internal community outreach programs and to support other community partners in their evaluations efforts.

Current evaluation projects include an evaluation of The Sanford Center for Aging’s Senior Outreach Services Program.