April 23, 2020
Inclusive Medicine Series

Beyond implicit bias: Providing equal care in an unequal world.

April 23, 2020
5–7 p.m.

Please Note: This event has already occurred.

• Participants will be able to provide a summary description of the scientific evidence regarding the prevalence and determinants of inequalities in care.

• Participants will be able to describe several key provider factors as they contribute to inequalities in care:

  • Human information processing and person-perception
  • Automatic, unintended biases
  • Common conscious erroneous stereotypical beliefs

• Participants will be able to provide a basic explanation of the implications of factors that exacerbate and protect from unintended biases for health care organization characteristics and provider behavior

• Participants will be able to describe at 2 or more strategies they can personally use to increase their ability to provide consistently equal care.



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