Council on Diversity Initiatives
Committee Members

Council on Diversity Initiatives

Proxies: Cherie Singer: Tamara Martinez-Anderson & Christy Jerz: Tessa Bowen & Roseann Lanlois

Gerald Ackerman Gerald Ackerman
Assistant Dean, Rural Health; Director, Office of Rural Health; Director, Nevada AHEC Program
(775) 738-3828
Melody Alijani
Director, Office of Graduate Medical Education
Sarah Gebrezghi
Student Diversity Council Chair, Elected by Students
Rubina Hackbusch thumbnail photo Rubina Hackbusch
Admission & Recruitment Coordinator, Physician Assistant Studies Program
(775) 682-7669
Jennifer Hagen Jennifer M. Hagen M.D.
Professor; Senior Associate Dean for Faculty
Blane Harding
Director, Advising, Recruitment, & Retention
(775) 682-8790
april heiselt April Heiselt Ph.D.
Director, Office for Community Faculty
(775) 682-7684
Nicole Jacobs Nicole Jacobs Ph.D.
Associate Dean of Diversity and Inclusion; Associate Professor
(775) 682-8479
Christy Jerz Christy Jerz
Communications Marketing Director
(775) 682-7346
Eliza Matley
Student Diversity Council Chair, Elected by Students
Melissa Piasecki Melissa Piasecki M.D.
Executive Associate Dean; Professor
(775) 784-6777
Julie Redding Julie Redding MBA
Manager, Accreditation and Program Operations
(775) 682-7718
Patricia Richard
UNR Chief Diversity Officer
(775) 784-4805
Sarah Ries Sarah Ries
Accreditation and Academic Business Analyst
(775) 682-7937
Cherie Singer Thumbnail image Cherie Singer Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Student Affairs
(775) 682-8360
Amy Smith Amy Smith Ph.D.
Director, Office of Continuous Institutional Assessment
(775) 784-6703
Wilfredo Torres Wilfredo Torres M.D.
Assistant Dean of Admissions, Diversity, and Inclusion
Zachary Walker Zachary Walker MS
Coordinator for Pipeline Programs & Diversity Initiatives
(775) 682-8356

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