Center for Traffic Safety Research (CTSR)

Center for Traffic Safety Research

Center for Traffic Safety Research presentation

A number of devastating traumas around Nevada are a result of carelessness and unsafe travel practices. The Center for Traffic Safety Research wants to bring awareness to these alarming details by providing statistics on multi-modal crash records around the state. The center is continually expanding its database to provide current figures on crash data to help increase resources to lower the number of traumas in priority areas around the state.

The University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine and the Nevada Department of Public Safety Office of Traffic Safety formed a partnership to create a repository for the storage and analysis of medical information about traffic related injuries, deaths and crash records. This repository is the first of its kind in Nevada.

Nevada motor vehicle crash records from 2005 to present are linked to trauma records from the four Nevada trauma centers: University Medical Center, Renown Health, St. Rose Dominican Hospital and Sunrise Medical Center.

The records include archived crash scene data and hospital information about pedestrian, bicycle, ATV, moped/scooter, motorcycle, and motor vehicle transportation methods. It also includes startling statistics related to crashes involving children.

The data collected includes information from the scene of the crash through to a patient's hospital discharge or death. This integrated information will provide a better understanding of the impact of vehicular crashes on human life, the cost of care to medical facilities and the state's economy.