Culture Initiative

Culture Initiative

UNR Med Faculty

What is organizational culture?

Is organizational culture:

  • the way people think and act?
  • how we really get things done vs. how we say we get them done?
  • the "unwritten rules" that drive our behavior?
  • the personality of the organization?

In short, organizational culture is all of these things, but it is also so much more!

UNR Med has made great strides in setting its priorities for the future. As we continue to work toward achieving our strategic goals, we recognize that understanding our school's culture and how the culture facilitates our ability to achieve our goals is key. That’s why we have embarked on this comprehensive culture initiative.

Why does culture matter, and why it should matter to you?

Here are three reasons culture matters to UNR Med as an organization:

  • Culture influences what faculty and staff consider to be appropriate behaviors—and how we all interact with each other, both personally and professionally.
  • Culture influences what the school considers to be “right decisions.”
  • Culture impacts how individuals and working groups alike strive to meet and exceed expectations.  

Culture is a pivotal component for advocating for A Healthy Nevada through strong relationships across UNR Med and the rest of the state. Understanding our school's culture will help us identify needed training and development opportunities, opportunities for more open and candid dialogue among faculty, staff and administration, and other improvements that will make UNR Med a “workplace of choice.”

Our journey

In the past six months, we have been very busy! Since January 2018, this journey has involved many people from across our institution:

  • 650 people received the Denison Culture Survey to assess UNR Med's current culture
  • 13 Data Dialogues were held, with at least two sessions per stakeholder group
  • 6 Dialogue Summary meetings held with Culture Champions to prioritize action items
  • 6 Summary Report meetings held with the identified leadership of each stakeholder group
  • 10 (and counting) committee presentations to governance committees and other leadership groups.

We expect this initiative to continue to expand its visibility and impact as we move to the next stage: approving and implementing action plans!

Updates from the Culture Initiative have recently been brought to UNR Med leadership through our three governance committees:

  • Executive Committee (5/23/2018),
  • Faculty Council (6/4/2018), and
  • Department Chairs and Center Directors Committee (6/11/2018).

The update includes all prioritized action items at the school-level and for each of our six identified stakeholder groups (i.e., academic faculty, administrative faculty, classified staff, ICS staff, medical students, and residents/fellows). Want to learn more? Request an update and presentation file from your Executive Committee representative! Want a personalized update for your department or office? Contact Carolyn Brayko to schedule a presentation.

Our journey continues from here as we work together to collaborate, track, communicate, and adjust as we implement the action items over the next 12-18 months. Then, we will formally survey again to see if we are achieving improved engagement.

Culture change is made possible by the contributions of many. Our progress and success is the result of the time and contributions of our champions and appreciate the support of everyone who has participated. Check back soon for further updates, or contact a member of the Culture Team to get involved: