Cheryl A Larson M.A., CCC-SLP.: Biography/Education

Lecturer/Clinical Supervisor/Advisor

Department of Speech Pathology and Audiology


Cheryl A. Larson received her Bachelor of Arts Degree in Liberal Arts and Sciences/Speech-Language-Hearing Disorders from the University of Kansas in 1990 and a Master of Arts Degree in Communication Disorders and Speech Science from the University of Colorado, Boulder in 1992. Ms. Larson has found her clinical passion in providing services to the pediatric population and their families. She has dedicated her efforts to supporting and building the parent-child interaction and relationship when working with the birth-to-three population. She has benefitted greatly from years of working in multidisciplinary pediatric clinics and learning from occupational and physical therapists. Ms. Larson has extensive experience with social cognition therapy to support individuals with social communication challenges. She believes in the importance of looking at the child as a whole and supporting their overall wellbeing. Her background in yoga and mindfulness permeates much of what she brings as a clinician and as a teacher. She continues to educate herself on best practices for the discipline of speech-language pathology and for educating and mentoring. Ms. Larson teaches an undergraduate course in clinical procedures, provides clinical supervision to SPA graduate school students, and academic advising to undergraduates with a speech-language pathology and audiology major.

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