Gregory Highison Ph.D.: Experience/Publications


Department of Physiology and Cell Biology

Selected publications


  • Fuller EG, GJ Highison, FD Tibbitts and BD Fuller. . Migration of intravascular trophoblast cells in uterine arteries of the golden hamster: a scanning electron microscopy study. J Morphol. 220:307-313.


  • Schweitzer CM, FD Tibbitts, GJ Highison, and N Rahimzadeh. . Utero-placental artery: cell types and morphologies. Presented at the Western Student Research Forum at Carmel and the National Student Research Forum at Galveston in Spring 1994.


  • Blankenship T, FD Tibbitts, GJ Highison, E Fuller and B King. . Persistence of basement membrane following trophoblastic invasion of maternal arteries in the hamster. Presented at the 1992 Society for Gynecologic Investigation, San Antonio, Texas. Abstract #531.

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