Huili Zheng Ph.D.: Biography/Education

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Physiology and Cell Biology


Dr. Zheng received training on Uterine Biology during her Ph.D. and post-doc (1996–2004). After moving to the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, she first worked as a Research Associate in Dr. Wei Yan's lab (2004–2009), and later was promoted to Research Assistant Professor (2009–2014). In addition to research work in the Yan lab, she has been responsible for running the transgenic functions in the Molecular Expression and Transgenic Core supported by a COBRE grant led by Dr. Kenton Sanders. Dr. Zheng is skillful in embryo manipulation and microinjection, as well as most of the molecular biology techniques. Over the past ten years, she has significantly expanded her knowledge base and become more and more interested in gamete biology and epigenetics. In addition to her own project on studying the physiological role of SPEM1 in spermatogenesis, she is currently working on the underlying mechanism of epigenetic transgenerational inheritance (ETI).

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