Liming Huang Ph.D.: Experience/Publications

Research Assistant Professor

Department of Microbiology and Immunology

Professional experience

  • Research Assistant Professor, University of Nevada, Reno
  • Postdoctoral training, University of Nevada, Reno

Selected publications


  • Sun, Qianwen; Wang, Jikui; Tang, Meihua; Huang, Liming; Zhang, Zhiyi; Liu, Chang; Lu, Xiaohua; Hunter, Kenneth W.; Chen, Guosong. . A New Electrochemical System Based on a Flow-Field Shaped Solid Electrode and 3D-Printed Thin-Layer Flow Cell: Detection of Pb2+ Ions by Continuous Flow Accumulation Square-Wave Anodic Stripping Voltammetry. Analytical Chemistry, 89, 5024-5029.
  • Aryal, Gyan H.; Assaf, Khaleel I.; Hunter, Kenneth W.; Nau, Werner M.; Huang, Liming. . Intracavity Folding of a Perylene Dye Affords a High-Affinity Complex with Cucurbit[8]uril. Chemical Communications, 53, 9242-9245.


  • Aryal, Gyan H.; Huang, Liming; Hunter, Kenneth W. . Highly Fluorescent Cucurbit[8]uril–Perylenemonoimide Host–Guest Complexes as Efficient Fluorescent Probes for N-Terminal Phenylalanine. RSC Advances, 6, 82566-82570.
  • Huang, Liming; Aryal, Gyan. H.; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Publicover, Nelson G.; Hunter, Kenneth W. . Self-Assembled Biosensor with Universal Reporter and Dual-Quenchers for Detection of Unlabelled Nucleic Acids. Analyst, 141, 1376-1382.
  • Aryal, Gyan H.; Huang, Liming; Hunter, Kenneth W. . The Donor–Acceptor Complexes of Quantum Dots and Ionic Perylene Diimides for Ratiometric Detection of Double-Stranded DNA. RSC Advances, 6, 76448-76452.


  • Huang, Liming; Liao, Mingxia; Chen, Siqi; Demillo, Violeta G.; Dupre, Sally A.; Zhu, Xiaoshan; Publicover, Nelson G.; Hunter, Kenneth W. Jr. . A Polymer Encapsulation Approach to Prepare Zwitterion-Like, Biocompatible Quantum Dots with Wide pH and Ionic Stability. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 16 (8), 2555.


  • Huang, Liming; Zhu, Xiaoshan; Publicover, Nelson G.; Hunter, Kenneth W. Jr.; Ahmadiantehrani, Mojtaba; Bettencourt-Dias, Ana de; Bell, Thomas W. . Cadmium- and Zinc-Alloyed Cu–In–S Nanocrystals and Their Optical Properties. Journal of Nanoparticle Research, 15 (11), 2056.
  • Taka, Thanachai; Huang, Liming; Ngamkitidechakul, Chatri; Tam Chang, Suk-Wah; Lee, Randall; Tuntiwechapikul, Wirote. . Telomere Shortening and Cell Senescence Induced by Perylene Derivatives in A549 Lung Cancer Cells. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry, 21, 883-890.


  • Taka, Thanachai; Joonlasak, Khajohn; Huang, Liming; Lee, Randall T.; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Tuntiwechapikul, Wirote. . Down-Regulation of the Human VEGF Gene Expression by Perylene Monoimide Derivatives. Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, 22, 518-522.


  • Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah. . 9-Piperazine Substituted Perylene-3,4-dicarboximide as Fluorescent Probe in Ratiometric Analysis. Chemical Communications, 47, 2291-2293.
  • Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah. . A Study of the Electronic Transition and Fluorescence Properties of 2-(N,N-diethylamino)ethylperylene-3,4-dicarboimide and its Quaternary Ammonium Salt. Journal of Fluorescence, 21, 213-222.


  • Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah. . Ionic Perylene-3,4-dicarboximide as Chromonic Mesogen and the Use of Fluorescence Technique in Determining Phase Transition Temperatures. Liquid Crystals 37, 555-561.
  • Park, Il-Seok; Kim, Sang-Mun; Pugal, Deivid; Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Kim, Kwang J. . Visualization of the Cation Migration in Ionic Polymer-Metal Composite Under an Electric Field. Applied Physics Letters, 96, 044301(1-3).


  • Ogawa, Haruo; Qiu, Yue; Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Young, Howard; Misono, Kunio. . Structures of the ANP Receptor Extracellular Domain in the Unbound and ANP-Bound States by Single Particle Electron Microscopy. FEBS journal 2009, 276, 1347-1355.


  • Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Huang, Liming. . Chromonic Liquid Crystals: Properties and Applications as Functional Materials. Chemical. Communications. 1957-1967. (Feature Article).
  • Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Huang, Liming; Gyan, Aryal; Seo, Wonewoo; Mahinay, Delfin; Iverson, Isaac K. . Designing Chromonic Mesogens for the Fabrication of Anisotropic Optical Materials. Proceedings of SPIE 6911 (Emerging Liquid Crystal Technologies III), 691107/1-691107/12.
  • Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Mahinay, Delfin; Huang, Liming. . Multifunctional Materials via Molecular Self-Organization into Liquid-Crystalline Phase. Advanced Materials Research. 47-50, 165-168.


  • Huang, Liming; Catalano, Vincent; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah. . Anisotropic Fluorescent Materials via Self-Organization of Perylenedicarboximide. Chemical. Communications. 20, 2016-2018.
  • Huang, Liming; Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Seo, Wonewoo; Rove, Kyle. . Microfabrication of Anisotropic Organic Materials via Self-Organization of an Ionic Perylenemonoimide. Advanced Materials 19, 4149-4152.
  • Tam-Chang, Suk-Wah; Carson, Travis D.; Huang, Liming; Publicover, Nelson G.; Hunter Kenneth W. Jr. . Stem-Loop Probe with Universal Reporter for Sensing Unlabeled Nucleic Acids. Analytical Biochemistry 366, 126-130.

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