Lisa Rose: Biography/Education

Fiscal Manager

Office of Administration and Finance


Lisa Rose has been with the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine since 2006, coming from the Sanford Center for Aging. She started as the Budget & Personnel Manager with the Office of Medical Education and is now the Fiscal Manager for the Office of Academic Affairs.

Lisa is responsible for budget/fiscal management and development, personnel/payroll administration, purchasing card management/procurement for several departments and serves as the financial coordinator for the Student Outreach Clinic (SOC). She is often referred to as the "go to" person for the office due to her extensive department knowledge. Lisa began her State of Nevada employment in 2000 and has 30+ years of administrative/fiscal experience.

When Lisa is away from work she loves spending time with her family traveling to Oregon and Arizona. She is also an avid outdoorswoman and enjoys hiking, shooting and hunting and fishing.

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