Residents and Fellows

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine


  • Acevedo Rodriguez, Marines, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine

    Marines Acevedo Rodriguez M.D.Marines Acevedo Rodriguez M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: University of Puerto Rico Medical Science Campus
    • Hometown: Arecibo, Puerto Rico
    • Career Goals: Considering Endocrinology but open to other opportunities
    • Hobbies: Watch movies and tv series, watch sports, and explore new places

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Alexander, Magin, M.D. (PGY1): Internal Medicine

    Magin AlexanderMagin Alexander M.D. (PGY1)

    • Medical School: Government Medical College, Kozhikode
    • Hometown: Kerala, India
    • Career Goals: Fellowship/Hospitalist
    • Hobbies: Reading, Music, Astronomy

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Al-Khafaji, Jaafar, M.D. (Chief Resident): Internal Medicine

    Jaafar Al-Khafaji Chief Resident
    Jaafar Al-Khafaji M.D.

    • Medical School: University of Baghdad
    • Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
    • Career Goals: Cardiology Fellowship
    • Hobbies: Fixing things, cooking and fishing

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Al-Khayyat, Mohammed, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine (Primary Care Track)

    Mohammed Al-Khayyat M.D. Primary Care Track
    Mohammed Al-Khayyat M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: Baghdad University, School of Medicine 
    • Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
    • Career Goals: Primary care/ aesthetic medicine/ geriatrics or palliative care
    • Hobbies: Quality family time, playing soccer, fixing and upgrading cars, Iraqi BBQ, Kayaking and swimming.

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Alluri, Deepti, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine

    Deepti Alluri M.D.Deepti Alluri M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: Sri Ramachandra Medical College
    • Hometown: Aurora, IL
    • Hobbies: Spending time with family and friends, road trips and traveling

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Al-Mashhadani, Arshad, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine (Primary Care Track)

    Arshad Al-Mashhadani M.D. Primary Care Track
    Arshad Al-Mashhadani M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: University of Baghdad, College of Medicine
    • Hometown: Baghdad, Iraq
    • Career Goals: Chronic disease management, Indigent / Vulnerable population.
    • Hobbies: Computers programming, foreign language learning, spending time with family and friends, bowling, table tennis and watching movies

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Aluru, Vijay, M.D. (Chief Resident): Internal Medicine

    Vijay Aluru Chief Resident
    Vijay Aluru M.D.

    • Medical School: Andhra Medical College
    • Hometown: Vizag, India
    • Career Goals: To become a competent clinician
    • Hobbies: Biking, hiking, sports, binge watching TV shows

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Antwi-Amoabeng, Daniel, M.D. (PGY2): Internal Medicine

    Daniel Antwi-AmoabengDaniel Antwi-Amoabeng M.D. (PGY2)

    • Medical School: American University of Antigua.
    • Hometown: Toase, Ghana
    • Career Goals: Cardiology vs Critical Care vs Hospitalist
    • Hobbies: Watching documentaries, fishing, road trips, studying philosophy, and social justice activism

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Awad, Munadel, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine

    Munadel Awad M.D.Munadel Awad M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: Universidad Central del Caribe
    • Hometown: Wayne, New Jersey
    • Career Goals: To become an exceptional physician
    • Hobbies: Watching soccer, playing FIFA, food

    Department of Internal Medicine