Residents and Fellows

University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine


  • Taha, Mohamed, M.D. (PGY3): Internal Medicine

    Mohamed TahaMohamed Taha M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: University of Khartoum
    • Hometown: Al Jazeera, Sudan
    • Career Goals: Hospitalist followed by fellowship. Still deciding between Gastroenterology or Cardiology.
    • Hobbies: Traveling, soccer and going to the movies

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Tanbakuchi, Joseph, M.D. (PGY1): Family Medicine

    Joseph TanbakuchiJoseph Tanbakuchi M.D. (PGY1)

    • Medical School: State University of New York at Buffalo
    • Undergraduate College: State University of New York at Buffalo
    • Career Goals: Currently I think I want to focus on outpatient primary care. However, I enjoy variety, therefore I imagine I might end up doing more than just outpatient primary care.
    • Hobbies: I enjoy outdoor activities in particular snowboarding and hiking. I watch too much football and I like to travel whenever time permits.

    Why did you choose the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno Family Medicine Residency?Having spent my entire life in Western New York I knew I wanted to go to a different part of the country for at least residency. What really made UNR stand out to me was the friendly and approachable attending and resident physicians. At the end of my interview season I felt very confident UNR would provide a great environment to learn in. Lastly, the diversity of the UNR program brought it to the top of my list. The attending physicians work with the residents in a variety of settings, giving the program a community full-spectrum feel. However, at the same time the program is supported by a large university, allowing residents to also obtain and pursue any academic interest.

    Department of Family Medicine

  • Tartakoff, Joshua, D.O. (PGY2): Family Medicine

    Joshua TartakoffJoshua Tartakoff D.O. (PGY2)

    • Medical School: Rocky Vista University – College of Osteopathic Medicine
    • Undergraduate College: Vassar College and Brigham Young University - Idaho
    • Career Goals: I have lots of interests and with them lots of goals. I love the Latino community and am really interested in helping these great people meet their healthcare and wellness needs. I would love to do lots of continuity obstetrics and pediatrics. Finally, along with my love of the outdoors comes the goal of trying to find a way to combine it with medicine. I would love to be involved in wilderness medicine, whether through education, search and rescue, or some form of expedition medicine.
    • Hobbies: Playing with my family, hiking, climbing, running, skiing, backpacking, reading, cooking, painting, answering my daughter’s endless questions and reminding her what she cannot put in her baby brother’s mouth.

    Why did you choose the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency? First and foremost, UNR Family medicine was on our radar because of the location by the mountains and the average days of sun each year. However, my wife and I decided without reservation that it was our number one program because of the vibe from the people here. We heard about how happy many residents were, the resident driven changes, the supportive collegial faculty and were really impressed. We also feel that the big/little city nestled against the mountains is just the right kind of place for us to raise our kids.

    Department of Family Medicine

  • Thiele, Karen, M.D. (PGY3): Family Medicine

    Karen ThieleKaren Thiele M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
    • Graduate College: University of Nevada, Reno
    • Undergraduate College: McGill University, Montreal Quebec BSc.(N)
    • Career Goals: I see myself moving into academic medicine at some point because I really enjoy working with students and love the combination of hospital and clinic work. Some of my favorite areas of medicine are the primary care of women, rational health screening, lactation support and care of the geriatric population. I hope to revive the home visit. I really enjoy emergency medicine and would like to spend some time in the rural hospitals in Northern Nevada doing that. I have a special interest in wilderness and high altitude medicine, having worked in helicopter EMS for a long time and also having been a rock, ice and mountain climber for many years. My pipe dream is to be the base camp doctor for a mountaineering expedition in the Karakoram.
    • Hobbies: I love the mountains around here so I hike them as often as I can. I enjoy Lake Tahoe anywhere near, on, or in the water. I’m a really awful runner but I do it anyways. My husband Jon, my son Ryan and I have weekly Monopoly games, which are cutthroat, loud, and sometimes played for real money bets. We also enjoy playing golf. We have a golden retriever couch potato named Brodie who can usually be found asleep in a lap. I’ve been in a book club with the same women for 16 years now. Thanks to my Bay-area raised husband we are 49er and Giants fans. My son is becoming an accomplished trumpet player. We play duets together. I play classical piano and trumpet as well.

    Why did you choose the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency? Two reasons: The people; and the place. The people are what attracted me to the specialty of family medicine; and specifically, the faculty and residents at FM in Reno. I don’t think there is a better faculty/resident group to be with. After the first two days of my FM clerkship during third year, I realized I hadn’t laughed that much in months. I felt welcomed, supported and encouraged. It was a wonderful atmosphere to be in—I had found my people, and my practice. A big shout-out to my fellow classmates who will be joining me in this year’s intern class—you were a big part of “my peeps” that made me want to stay! The place: Reno-Tahoe, has been my home for 22 years now. I’ve built many professional and personal relationships here. I love this city that is not too big and not too small. I know all my neighbors. The most gorgeous place in the West, Lake Tahoe, is a short drive from my home. The airport is easy to get in and out of. There is almost no traffic. It’s a great place to raise a kid with lots of stuff to do. I can’t imagine being anywhere else!

    Department of Family Medicine

  • Ting, Michael, M.D. (PGY2): Internal Medicine

    Michael Ting M.D.Michael Ting M.D. (PGY2)

    • Medical School: Texas Tech El Paso
    • Hometown: Houston, TX
    • Career Goals: Hospitalist
    • Hobbies: Hiking, biking, and walking my dogs

    Department of Internal Medicine

  • Todd, Brooke, M.D. (PGY2): Family Medicine

    Brooke ToddBrooke Todd M.D. (PGY2)

    • Medical School: St. George’s University School of Medicine
    • Undergraduate College: University of Texas at Austin
    • Career Goals: Opening a practice in a small town, broad-based family medicine training, high levels of comfort in obstetrics and women’s health, sports medicine and procedures.
    • Hobbies: Reading, writing short stories, backpacking, salsa dancing, piano.

    Why did you choose the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency? During the interview process, UNR FMR stuck out as a program where I could get the best and broadest training in family medicine, with the added benefits of being part of a university. Participating in the couples match opened the possibility that my husband and I would be drawn to different programs; we found in Reno, however, the combination of a small town feel with a larger population size and we both love the outdoors. It was important to us that we have ample OB/GYN training, sports medicine experience and a faculty invested in seeing the residents succeed. We found all of this at UNR as well as a group of residents who felt like people we would want to work with and build lasting friendships.

    Department of Family Medicine

  • Torres, Anna, M.D. (PGY3): Family Medicine

    Anna TorresAnna Torres M.D. (PGY3)

    • Medical School: University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine
    • Undergraduate College: University of Nevada, Reno
    • Career Goals: I aspire to become an excellent and empathetic family medicine physician. In addition, I would like to become a leader in my field and help to shape the path of how family medicine is delivered in order to best serve our patients needs.
    • Hobbies: I enjoy spending time with family and friends, especially my husband and three dogs. I enjoy outdoor activities such as hiking and running. I also enjoy watching movies, going to concerts and salsa dancing.

    Why did you choose the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine, Family Medicine Residency? I chose this program because of its strong reputation for training skilled and competent family medicine physicians. In addition, the camaraderie among the faculty and staff is palpable and lends to an extremely comfortable training environment. I am honored to have been chosen as a resident and I look forward to what lies ahead.

    Department of Family Medicine