Ruben K. Dagda Ph.D.: Experience/Publications

Associate Professor

CBESS | Cellular and Molecular Pharmacology & Physiology | COBRE in Cell Biology | Department of Pharmacology

Recent Conferences


  • Das Banerjee,T., Dagda, R., Dagda, R.K. . PTEN-induced kinase 1 (PINK1) and Protein Kinase A protects Against mitochondrial dysfunction and dendritic loss in a toxin model of PD. American Society for Investigative Pathology: Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego.
  • Rice, M., Dagda, R.K., Strack, S. . Role of protein phosphatase 2A in modulating autophagy and mitophagy. American Society for Biochemistry and Molecular Biology: Experimental Biology Conference, San Diego, CA.


  • Dagda, R.K., Gusdon, A., and Chu, CT. . Role of Distinct Subcellular Pools of PINK1 on Mitochondrial Function, Neuronal Morphology and Survival. 2013 Society for Free Radical Biology and Medicine Conference, San Antonio, TX.
  • Dagda, R. K. . Regulation of Mitophagy by Serine/Theronine Kinases and Cardiolipin at the Outer Mitochondrial Membrane: Implications for Mitochondrial Diseases. Gordon Research Conference on Cellular and Molecular Mechanisms of Toxicity, Proctor Academy, Andover NH.

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