AB 474 Updates and Information

Project ECHO

Changes to prescribing beginning January 1st, 2018:

  • All controlled substance (CS) prescriptions will require:
    • PDMP Check
    • Patient's Date of Birth
    • ICD–10 diagnosis code for the disease being treated
    • Fewest number of days necessary to consume the CS being prescribed if the patient consumes the maximum dose authorized
    • Prescriber's DEA number
    • All elements currently listed in NAC 453.440
  • All controlled substance (CS) prescriptions for the treatment of pain will require:
    • Initial Prescription Provisions
      • Established relationship with patient
      • Preliminary diagnosis and treatment plan
      • Patient Risk Assessment
      • Review of PMP report
      • Discuss non-CS options and indicate in medical record why CS was prescribed
      • If an initial prescription is made:
        • Must be no more than 14 day supply if for acute pain
        • Must not be more than 90 morphine milligram equivalent (MME) daily for opiate naïve patient
        • Patient must complete Informed Consent

These changes are outlined in the Prescribing in Nevada publication available here. Details about the Patient Risk Assessment and Informed Consent requirements may be found on page 3.

A quick reference chart for the changes surrounding prescribing of a controlled substance for the treatment of pain may be accessed here.

For additional questions pertaining to the law, please visit the State's AB474 FAQs webpage.