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Postponed Until Further Notice

This clinic has been postponed until further notice. Please find previous topics and resources below.

Previous Rheumatology

August 2015

  • Topic: Gout

    Dr. Olech is soliciting feedback for future Rheumatology ECHO Clinic topics, so if there's anything you would like her to cover, please email Chris Marchand at cmarchand@med.unr.edu.

July 2015

  • Topic: Rheumatology Questions

June 2015

  • Topic: Sarcoidosis Part II

May 2015

  • Topic: Gerontology Resources and Chronic Diseases in the Elderly

April 2015

  • Topic: Sarcoidosis

February 2015

  • Topic: Psoriatic Arthritis (Part II)

January 2015

  • Topic: Psoriatic Arthritis

October 2014

  • Topic: TBA

September 2014

  • By Dr. Ewa Olech
    Topic: Ankylosing Spondylitis (continued)

August 2014

  • By Dr. Ewa Olech
    Topic: Ankylosing Spondylitis

June 2014

  • Topic: Gout

May 2014

  • Topic: Arthritis in Older Adults

April 2014