Invitation General Guidelines

Events and Protocol

  • Send 6-4 weeks prior to the event
  • Both electronic invitations and print invitations are acceptable, depending on the audience
  • Spell out all words - do not abbreviate
  • Do not include periods to close sentences, unless in a paragraph format
  • Limit font style to no more than two
  • Standard information to include:
    • Name of host
    • Event type/name/purpose
    • Date
    • Time
    • Place
    • RSVP/ Registration instructions
    • Event directions/map when appropriate (it is often encouraged to send a reminder prior to the event reminding guests of details with a link to provide directions)

The design and content of event invitations and promotional materials to large internal audiences and all external audiences must be approved by the Events and Protocol office. Please contact Events and Protocol (775) 682-9143 for approval.

Allow 6 weeks prior to mailing for design, format and print bidding.