E.W. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award

The School of Medicine's E.W. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award is presented annually to recognize outstanding faculty educators. All University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine faculty members are eligible, within the guidelines below. Selection of the award winner will be made following a comprehensive review of supporting materials submitted by the nominees. 


  1. All full-time faculty with a minimum of five years teaching at the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine.
  2. Award acceptance forum will be announced.
  3. The most recent awardee will be serving on the award selection committee, and therefore is not eligible for nomination.


Submit by close of business January 20, 2023

Faculty members may nominate a candidate, including themselves. Nominations will be accepted until the close of business Friday, January 20, 2023. Submit nominations to Dr. Melissa Piasecki in writing (MS 0427) or via email mpiasecki@med.unr.edu and copy Tiffany Hoffman, thoffman@med.unr.edu.

Supporting Materials

Submit by close of business February 28, 2023

Faculty nominees are required to present the review committee with documentation of teaching activities based on the guidelines below. Materials may be submitted electronically to Tiffany Hoffman, thoffman@med.unr.edu.

  1. CV of the last two years (maximum length: five pages)
  2. Letter of recommendation from department chairperson
  3. Additional letters of recommendation (minimum of two, not including letter of nomination) from faculty peers, documenting teaching quality for at least five years at the School of Medicine. At least one evaluation must be from a peer in the candidate's department.
  4. Overview of teaching:
    1. Courses taught, including course or clerkship numbers
    2. Modes of contact with students (classroom, clinical setting, laboratory, etc.) and percentage of time spent in each mode
  5. Documentation of teaching quality for at least three years, obtained from evaluations from resident physicians, medical students, graduate students, undergraduate students, clinical laboratory science students, and/or Speech Pathology and Audiology students. Upon request, the Office for Faculty will compile a packet of your medical student evaluations and electronically forward to the selection committee.

Supplemental Materials

Recommended by close of business February 28, 2023

Materials may be submitted electronically to Tiffany Hoffman,thoffman@med.unr.edu.

  1. Professional development activities (teaching-related workshops, trainings attended/taught)
  2. Involvement on student committees
  3. Courses developed or refined

About E.W. "Rich" Richardson

E.W. "Rich" Richardson was an outstanding American who lead an extraordinary life.

As a bomber pilot and squadron commander with the 15th air force in Italy during WWII, he was shot down over Vienna on March 22, 1945, on his 44th mission–one mission short of his promotion to Major. He was then taken prisoner and sent to a Prisoner of War camp near Munich. Later in the year, the camp was liberated by General George Patton's Third Army.

After his military service, Richardson returned home and built a network of successful car dealerships in the southwest. He gave back to his community by supporting a number of health and educational organizations.

In his gratitude for the education his daughter, Dr. Patrice Richardson '81, received at the University of Nevada Reno, School of Medicine, he established the E.W. Richardson Excellence in Teaching Award. The award is the most distinguished teaching award at the School of Medicine. It represents the highest standard of achievement in teaching excellence and educational scholarship.

Dr. Patrice Richardson has generously continued funding support in memory of her father.