Innovative 4 Year Family Medicine Leadership Curriculum

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Our 4-year length of training program gives motivated residents the ability to integrate an MPH or an MBA into their family medicine residency training.  These master's degrees will help you become a leader in your community, practice, health system or in politics.  

Our objectives:

  1. Attract and retain high-quality resident physicians.
  2. Expand the curriculum to prepare residents for practice in a Patient-Centered Medical Home (PCMH)
  3. Transform the continuity teaching practice into a PCMH
  4. Prepare residents to manage population health effectively
  5. Offer high-quality residency education that meets the future practice needs of residents
  6. Improve chronic disease management and prevention outcomes in our practice
  7. Graduate residents who are better prepared for and more satisfied with their eventual practice

How does the 4-year LOT curriculum differ?  The three-year family medicine resident curriculum is expanded to four years of education, through the integration of the following new elements:

  1. Integration of the University of Nevada, Reno MPH or MBA schedule into our curriculum.
    1. Residents in this program may seek approval from the 4-year curriculum committee to complete another educational program.
  2. Several rotations have been changed to a longitudinal format instead of a block format:
    1. Emergency Medicine,
    2. Geriatrics,
    3. Family Medicine,
    4. Orthopedics/ Sports Medicine (adopt a school),
    5. Other electives as desired by the residents.
  3. The Geriatrics rotation has been completely rewritten to take advantage of the longitudinal format with an emphasis on the physician's role in the Long Term Care environment.
  4. Greater emphasis on participation in the community at large with an expanded expectation for leadership and involvement in community organizations.