Elko Family Medicine Residency Program

Department of Family and Community Medicine

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Medical students interested in rural training self-select the Elko rural training track, as it has a separate ERAS match number. Both the Reno-track and the Elko-track residents live and work in Reno their entire intern year. For the two remaining (PGY2 and PGY3) years of residency, Elko residents will be at the Elko Family Medicine Center. You will develop and maintain a continuity outpatient practice in Elko with increasing numbers of sessions, depending on the rotation schedule and level of training. In the PGY2 and PGY3 years, residents will have nine blocks with four half-days/per week of outpatient clinic, three blocks with nine half days per week and one elective month will range from zero to four half-days per week.


All Elko-track interns will train in Reno for the first year, seeing outpatients in the family medicine program. When relocated to Elko after intern year, Elko residents will be with the PGY3 Elko residents.  Most Reno residents fulfill their rural month in Elko alongside the Elko-track residents. The Elko residents have contact with the Reno residents at

     1. Weekly video-conference (3 hours a week) didactics series through Pictel.

     2. Weekend learning events, including existing wilderness medicine and musculoskeletal experiences every 3 months.

     3. Residents from both sites attend twice-yearly resident-only retreats.

     4. Outside conferences (e.g. NAFP or AAFP).

Elko regional medical center

Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital

The hospital is the only community hospital with a catchment area of approximately a 130-mile radius centered in Elko. Befitting this designation, our residents will have exposure and training in all areas of the hospital (no closed units).  They will also have exposure to all regional socio-economic groups. They will see newborns and assist with c-sections. They will care for bread and butter pediatric and adult illnesses like pneumonia and asthma. They will also take care of acute and critical cases in the ICU. There is a robust ER experience, as Elko is a travel corridor and has an active mining industry, allowing for great exposure to a variety of trauma and other emergent medical issues. The curriculum is structured so that residents will care for their own patients when they are admitted as well as partner with community physicians to cover their patients on a regular basis. This allows the residents to average 2 inpatient encounters per day.

Alone, Northeastern Nevada Regional Hospital, would not be able to provide the needed pediatric experiences and some of the needed experiences for other populations. A foundation for these experiences will be provided in the Reno-based intern year. Residents should expect roughly 200 newborn, 200 inpatient pediatric, 30 vaginal deliveries, 75 Pediatric ER visits, 320 adult inpatient visits, and a month of ICU before their arrival in Elko. We have also moved the musculoskeletal and surgery rotations into the intern year to maximize learning.