Attendance Policy

Family Medicine Reno Residents


To ensure that residents in the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program maintain an acceptable level of attendance at residency activities and conferences.

Assigned Rotations

All residents will attend their rotations unless on approved leave. All leave must be submitted and checked, as there are several rotations that do not allow vacation. The resident must make all attempts to contact their preceptor or senior resident at least 1 week prior to the start of the rotation to establish the expected schedule. If not scheduled for clinic after the weekly didactic session, all residents are to report back to their assigned rotation.

Post-call Days

For second and third year residents, the day after their call day is considered a post-call day. Since call is taken from home, all residents are to attend their respective rotations on their post-call days unless they were directly involved in patient care throughout the night. If the resident has spent greater than seven hours caring for patients in house, they must follow the work hour rules as follows:

  1. Special care must be paid to duty hours during home call situations. In general, home call allows for adequate rest and poses no duty hours or fatigue concerns; however, in the rare event that the duties of a home call prevent adequate rest, the resident must inform the program administrator, rotation supervisor and be off duty part of the day following the call.
    1. If the resident is scheduled in a continuity clinic the MORNING post call, s/he may attend the clinic and then take the afternoon off and rest.
    2. If the resident is scheduled to be in an attending’s office, or other “NON-continuity” experience, the resident should take the morning off to rest. S/he should then attend an afternoon clinic or rotation.
    3. It is imperative the resident notify any preceptor or clinic manager involved if a clinic/experience must be missed due to duty hour rules. The Program Director should also be notified.


All residents and students are to report to the weekly didactic session. Punctual arrival is expected and those residents who are repeatedly late will be discussed at the education committee in regards to professionalism, with actions taken as appropriate. Interns are also expected to attend all didactic sessions and make every attempt to arrange for coverage of duties while attending the sessions. Interns will not be held to the above punctuality rule, but are strongly encouraged to make arrangements to arrive as close to the start of the session as possible. The Hospital Resident(s) and faculty are strongly encouraged to attend the weekly didactic session and attendance will be left to the faculty to decide. All students present on the hospital service rotation MUST be released in sufficient time to attend didactics. Again those exempt from didactics are those who are on approved leave or on rural rotations.

Management of Health Systems

All residents (including interns) are expected to attend the monthly - bimonthly seminar. Punctual arrival prior to the start of the seminar is expected. In the case that a seminar is missed while the resident is not on approved leave or rural rotation, a leave slip must be turned in.

Balint Group

Residents are required to attend a monthly Balint group session. All expected absences require notification of the group leader prior to the start of the session.

Rev 6/5/14