Dress Code

Family Medicine Reno Residents


To reflect an appearance of professionalism to our patients, colleagues, community, and affiliated training institutions.

NOTE: Renown Regional Medical Center, the Veteran's Administration Medical Center and St. Mary's Regional Medical Center each have a qualified Dress Code. The expectations listed below are minimum standards. You will also encounter specific standards in some preceptor offices.


  1. Grooming
    1. Hair must be clean, neatly combed, and well groomed.
    2. Male residents must be clean-shaven with the exception of professionally groomed mustaches and beards.
    3. Fingernails must be cleaned and kept at a level not to interfere with patient care.
    4. Perfume and cologne must be used sparingly, so as not to have an unpleasant affect on patients or co-workers.
  2. Clothing
    1. Must be appropriate professional business attire. Tank tops, T-shirts, Jeans (of any color), sweat pants, shorts, sweat shirts are not permitted.
    2. Foot Wear: sandals or other open-toed shoes are not permitted for safety reasons. Tennis shoes, running shoes or other types of "sneakers" are not permitted. Foot covering is required (ie: socks, stockings, nylons, etc.).
    3. When residents are on rotations requiring surgical scrubs as attire, scrubs may be worn in the Family Medicine Center ONLY when worn with an appropriate White Coat. Scrubs are not standard acceptable attire. White Coats must be clean and well pressed. Permanent stains such as Iodine, blood, meconium, coffee, chocolate, etc are NOT acceptable.

Non-Compliance With These Policies

It is the responsibility of the resident to be aware of, and to be compliant with, this policy statement. Residents who are in violation of this policy will be given a warning and may be sent home to make the necessary changes. If there are repeated violations or disregard of this policy, the resident will be sent home and the period of absence will be deducted from personal leave time. Frequent occurrences from the same resident will result in further disciplinary action determined

Reviewed and Approved by CCC: 09/08/2020