Duty Hours

Family Medicine Reno Residents

To ensure that residents in the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine Family Medicine Residency Program maintain an acceptable level of reporting work hours consistently throughout the week.

All residents must:

• Log Resident Work Hours at least once weekly
• Keep sick and annual leave up-to-date in Workday and New Innovations
• Notify Program Director and Coordinators of any schedule changes
• Respond to all e-mails and updates sent by coordinators regarding duty hours
• After three requests via e-mail or text with no action, the delinquency will be reviewed by the CCC and appropriate disciplinary action will be determined.

Per the ACGME:
1. Programs must have a system for tracking resident work hours and must be able to document the number of hours each resident works each week.
2. Each program must have a written policy and procedure regarding work hours that is consistent with this institutional policy and must submit that departmental policy and annual updates of that policy to the Office of Graduate Medical Education each July. See Resident Handbook/Work Hours/Duty Hours

Reviewed by CCC: 9/08/2020