Home Visit Protocol

Family Medicine Reno Residents

Please be advised that you are responsible to complete a minimum of (2) home visits per year on your continuity patients. This applies to PGY-2 and PGY-3 residents. One visit must be on a patient >65 y/o. Postpartum patients are also excellent candidates for home visits.

Planning the Visit

  1. Pick a patient who is appropriate for a home visit.
  2. Review case with your faculty, Dr. McCarthy or your advisor.
  3. Call family to arrange visit
  4. Call the morning of the visit or the day before to reconfirm
  5. Get directions, phone number or do MAP Quest
  6. Bring along the Home Visit Progress Note, which is on E*value. Place a copy of the progress note in the patient chart and give a copy to Dr McCarthy
  7. Bring the Home Visit “Doctor’s Bag” which is kept in Dr McCarthy’s office.
  8. Bring prescription pad, stethoscope, your business cards and cell phone
  9. Do not bring the patient chart or remove chart from the Family Medicine Center
  10. Consider bringing current med list to compare to Rx bottles at home
  11. You may request to be blocked out for one hour from clinic in order to have time for a home visit. If you’re going with another resident, you may both be blocked out for one hour.

Making the Visit

  1. Try to arrive on time. Look around the neighborhood and the home. Check for any signs of dangerous steps, loose handrails or other fall hazards.
  2. If you notice any signs of criminal behavior or feel that the home is not a safe place, do not go in. Call Protective Services or police as necessary.
  3. Consider cultural practices and attitudes when entering the patient’s home, i.e.: removing shoes, whom to address first as a sign of respect etc.
  4. Introduce yourself to patient and family member. Introduce the accompanying faculty member if present
  5. Make note of family dynamics and the environment.
  6. Be sure to thank the patient/family for their courtesy in allowing you into their home.
  7. We recommend that two residents (or a resident and faculty) go on each home visit, for safety reasons.

Documenting the Visit

  1. When you return to the office, complete Home Visit Progress note and review with the faculty who accompanied you on the visit.
  2. Place progress note in patient’s chart AND a copy in the home visit binder
  3. Tell Dr McCarthy the name of patient, date of visit and accompanying faculty so she can document visit in the Home Visit Book and YOU can post on the Home Visit Chart in the back hallway at FMC.
  4. Make any necessary referral or follow up calls (home health agencies, Protective Services, Family Resource Center, Family to Family Connection, Apple Seeds Family Program, etc.)
  5. Discuss the appropriate billing with Faculty/preceptor. You may only bill if a faculty member accompanies you on the visit.

Rev 6/5/14