Leave Policy

Family Medicine Reno Residents

For any time away from the program, (i.e., rotations or scheduled clinics at FMC), have a Leave Request Form filed in advance of the leave requested. The only exception to this will be for sick leave, for which the Program Administrator and the Center Manager/Nursing Supervisor must be notified (complete a Sick Leave Request, email and voicemail) that day. Do not attempt to schedule yourself out of the FMC Clinic Schedule (the front office personnel are to direct you elsewhere). Complete a Leave Request Form, give it to the Program Administrator, Cheryl Baldovi-Manville – for processing that day, and the appropriate and applicable FMC staff will be informed/schedules adjusted for future leave.

It is of utmost importance that sick leave ONLY be used for times when you are ill and cannot work (or are contagious and want/need to protect patients and staff), when a family member is ill and you need to be home to care for him or her, or for doctor appointments for you and/or immediate family. Sick leave and annual leave may also be used for conditions covered under the Family Medical Leave Act as per University and Federal Policy.

Missing FMC Clinics or rescheduling patients have an effect on many areas at the FMC: Front Office phones, Front Office rescheduling, Front Office Medical Records – Charts, Nurses Schedules and Patient Rooms, Preceptor Schedules, and Administrative Schedule Changes. Please be mindful and considerate of your patients, the front office and nursing staff, attending faculty, and the administration when scheduling personal appointments or requesting Leave. Sixteen weeks of advance notice are required for Annual Leave. If more than two senior residents are already scheduled out, your request may not be granted, or you may be asked to make changes in the time requested. The Family Medicine Center Schedule is carefully balanced for optimal patient care, resident training, and faculty supervision; subtle changes directly affect the operation and financial stability of this non-profit clinic.

Since you are on a salaried stipend and have Call responsibilities, etc., each request for doctor or dentist visits of 1-2 hours duration will be posted and used for schedule changes. Regular Leave (vacation, sick) will be posted, as will Administrative Leave (e.g., Board Exams); however, only vacation and sick time will be deducted from your annual Leave Allotment. This is meant to be fair and equitable to all residents.

We are striving to offer efficient and cost contained services to all. Our public image is reflected in the way we operate the Family Medicine Center, of which YOU are an integral part. Your cooperation is expected and is appreciated.

You will inform preceptors in advance of the rotation of your participation with their office. Their evaluation of your rotation includes attendance, interest, skills and patient care.

The ACGME reviews or audits the course of events during Accreditation Review, and accurate records are necessary. The reviews include program office files, medical records and hospital records. Our accreditation review will be this year in the spring. In addition, Human Resources audits all Leave Records for FMLA (Family Medical Leave Act) – e.g. paternity/maternity leave.

Reviewed and approved by CCC: 09/08/2020