Leave Request Policy

Family Medicine Reno Residents

Resident Completes a Leave Request Form and submits it to the clinic AMION scheduler (currently Conrad Wong). The resident then emails the clinic scheduler and residency coordinator with a brief summary of the leave requested.

  • 16 weeks in advance for vacation, CME, and conference leave requests
  • 24 weeks in advance for out of town electives
  • As soon as possible if the above timelines cannot be met (See “Late Requests”)

Leave is reviewed by the Residency Coordinator for approval

Leave is scheduled into AMION.

  • Used/Remaining leave time is calculated and considered
  • Rotation schedules are checked to ensure that vacation is permitted
  • Number of requests for the requested timeframe is considered

Resident is notified by email from coordinator the reason for any denials.

  • Program Director available to discuss disputes with Coordinator and resident. Program Director decision is final.

The resident is responsible for checking the online AMION schedule to ensure that the leave is scheduled appropriately.

  • Approximately one week after submission the AMION schedule should be completed
  • If not scheduled appropriately, the resident should email the AMION scheduler and residency coordinator with the concern.
  • If the resident fails to check AMION to confirm the leave is appropriately scheduled, and the mistake is discovered after patients are scheduled, the leave will be denied, even if the resident originally submitted the leave request appropriately and timely.

It is the residents responsibility to ensure that their schedule is appropriate in the AMION system. even if the scheduling error is an administrative mistake, it is the resident’s responsibility to check their schedule and notify administration of errors.

Late Requests

All requests for leave should be submitted in a timely manner according to the guidelines above. Any late requests may not be granted as small schedule changes have large impact on the FMC operations. In the event a leave request is submitted after the schedule is completed or the deadline for requests has passed for the requested timeframe:

  • The request requires approval of the Clinic scheduler
  • The request requires approval of the Program Director, FMC Medical Director, or Department Chair before the schedule will be changed
  • Upon approval, the change will be communicated to the Program Director, Residency Coordinator and Department Administrator via email. The email should include the reason for the late request and the reason for the approval.