Family Medicine Reno Residents

  1. Any moonlighting activities (internal or external) must be approved by the Program Director. Approval for moonlighting privileges may be granted by the Program Director on a case by case basis based on evaluations, scores, a full faculty review and the resident's performance in residency. In general, only residents in the third year of training may be approved for moonlighting privileges.
  2. Once a resident obtains approval from the program, approval must then be obtained from the appropriate medical board.
  3. Any moonlighting resident is responsible for adherence to the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine's Policy on Outside Employment of Resident Physicians which is documented for review in the Resident Handbook.
  4. All moonlighting activities will be monitored by the Program Director and the Family Medicine faculty. Any moonlighting resident must submit employment locations and hours worked to the program director. If it is determined that any moonlighting activities have interfered with the residents performance in the program, the moonlighting privilege will be revoked.
  5. Please refer to the GME Moonlighting Policy which supersedes the department policy.

Rev 02/14/2020