Sign Out - Patient Transfers/Handovers

Family Medicine Reno Residents

Policy on Patient Transfers/Handovers and Transitions In Care

A key component to “sign out” or “hand-overs” of patient care is to reliably and efficiently transmit important information about the patient from one physician or care team to another. While there are many settings and many methods for achieving this, some have been found to be more reliable than others.

For the Family Medicine Hospital Service, the following methods are to be used for patient hand-overs:

  1. All patients are to be entered in the online patient database by the hospital residents and/or the admitting resident, as appropriate, and are to be updated daily.
    1. The hospital attending shall review the patient information with the hospital residents daily. The attending will provided feedback and instruction on the information provided.
  2. All patients are to be discussed at each “transition of care” by the physician(s) going off service and the physician(s) coming on service. If possible, this should be done “face to face”, but may be by telephone.
    1. If by telephone, both parties should have a copy of the current online patient information for easy reference and updating as needed.
  3. Faculty will discuss complicated patients during their transitions in care.
  4. Residents will be monitored on their “transitions in care” by faculty to ensure competency.
  5. Patient hand-overs will be discussed, taught and modeled at weekly hospital rounds reports.


04/10/2018 by Clinic Competency Committee (CCC)