Resident As Teacher: Guidelines and Responsibilities

Family Medicine Reno Residents

All students of the University of Nevada, Reno School of Medicine are required to do a rotation in Family Medicine in their third year. Every 6 weeks we will have a new group of students. They have their Clinical Reasoning in Medicine (CRIM) Clerkship didactics on Tuesday afternoons and have a Family Medicine didactic on Thursday from 1:30 to 2:30. These are mandatory for the students, so don’t assign them tasks during these times (such as admissions)

Family Medicine Center

  • Students are to see patients in the Center after hospital rounds in the morning (if there is time) and in the afternoons.
  • They should work with ONE provider each half day, working with faculty first, then 3rd and 2nd year residents. They should not work with interns.
  • Students should spend 10 minutes doing a focused H&P on a patient, 15 minutes for new patients. They are then to present the case briefly to the provider. Each patient must be seen by the provider and pertinent exams repeated. The student then writes a progress note and signs it. Notes must be reviewed by the provider and co-signed. Students may write out prescriptions under supervision, but cannot sign them.

Family Medicine Inpatient Service

  • Students take call from 8am to 8am.
  • Call students in for admissions and obstetrical deliveries. They are to write a formal H&P and daily progress notes on their patients. They must do a formal presentation at rounds on Monday or Friday.
  • They may write orders under direct supervision. These orders must be immediately cosigned by a resident or attending.
  • Students are not allowed to dictate H&Ps, procedures, or discharge summaries.


Students are evaluated by all of the faculty and residents they work with. The standard form is attached as well as the criteria for Honors, High Pass, Pass, Marginal and Fail performance. All evaluations go into a composite, so your personal evaluation is kept anonymous. Please try to make comments where appropriate and required. Thank you.

Rev: 6/5/14