When to call your Attending

Family Medicine Reno Residents

Deciding to call your attending back-up should not be a scary prospect! If you have questions – CALL. As you progress through your residency you will become more comfortable managing cases without calling.

  • Please be prepared to give a concise, but complete presentation when you call. Your assessment and plan is (as always) the most important part. Be prepared to discuss orders.
  • Faculty may want to meet you in the ER to go over the admission, so plan accordingly.
  • Discuss all unstable patients and ICU admissions with an attending physician at the time of admission.
  • Discuss all obstetrical patients with an attending physician or certified nurse midwife at the time of evaluation.
  • Discuss any ICU transfers or significant deteriorations in patient status with an attending.
  • At the end of your night shift you must call the attending on for the day (even if NOT the attending who was on with you during the night) for transition of care. You should also discuss any important phone calls.

Please remember, it is NOT a sign of weakness to call your attending.


04/10/2018 by Clinical Competency Committee (CCC)