FMC Management of Health Systems Examination

Department of Family and Community Medicine

  1. Progress notes in the charts need to have what in order to be billed?
  2. What is a preceptor?
  3. Who is your faculty advisor?
  4. What is a pod?
  5. Who are your pod mates?
  6. What are the clinic phone numbers? (main, nurses, medical records, department, fax, answering service)
  7. What must be listed on the encounter form (ticket) in order for it to be posted?
  8. What is the maximum amount of diagnoses that should be listed on an encounter form?
  9. What is a missing ticket?
  10. What is an E&M code?
  11. What is and ICD9 code?
  12. What is a CPT code?
  13. What is a V code?
  14. What is a modifier 25?
  15. What E & M codes can you bill with a V code diagnosis?
  16. What happens when a patient is a “No Show”?
  17. What is our policy for multiple “no shows”?
  18. Are we a walk in clinic?
  19. Who is your MA/Nurse?
  20. What can your MA/Nurse do for you?
  21. What if your MA/Nurse is unavailable?
  22. What oral medications do we keep at the FMC?
  23. What injectable medications do we keep at the FMC?
  24. What labs can be completed during a visit at the FMC?
  25. What do you do if you are upset with your MA/Nurse?
  26. What does the Front Office staff do?
  27. What does the Medical Records staff do?
  28. Name 2 employees that work check out?
  29. Name 2 employees that work check in?
  30. Name 3 medical records employees?
  31. Who is our office manager/supervisor and what does she/he do?
  32. Who does X-Rays?
  33. What elements must be written on a referral form?
  34. What do you do with completed referral forms?
  35. What needs to be included in the progress note when you make a referral?
  36. What needs to be written on a lab slip?
  37. Who is responsible for addressing abnormal lab results?
  38. Where do we keep prescription pads?
  39. What types of prescription pads do we have?
  40. What do you do with charts that are on your desk and when do you do it?
  41. What do you do when the chart is not one of your patients?
  42. What do you do with charts that your MA/Nurse needs to help you with?
  43. What do you do with completed charts?
  44. How do you schedule a hospital follow up visit?
  45. When do you need to have your pager on?
  46. How does open access clinic differ from other clinics?
  47. Why is it important that you review your schedule on the master clinic schedule?
  48. What do you do if you notice that you are scheduled for clinic on the wrong day?
  49. What do you do if you are out sick on a day you are scheduled for clinic?
  50. How are the charts filed in the FMC?
  51. When do charts go to the storage trailer?
  52. What does each of the 6 flag colors mean?
  53. Is it necessary keep a log of all procedures that you perform?
  54. What data should be kept in the procedure log?
  55. How do you schedule a procedure in the FMC?
  56. What is a formulary and where are they?
  57. What happens if you don’t use a formulary and prescribe a non-covered drug?
  58. What is a PAR