Current Fellows

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Sports Medicine Fellowship

Robert BogartRobert Bogart DO

  • Completed Residency Programs: HealthONE Family Medicine Residency, Lone Tree, Colorado
  • Medical School: University of Pikeville – Kentucky College of Osteopathic Medicine
  • Undergraduate Degree: THE Ohio State University
  • Career Goals: Specialization in primary care sports medicine with a focus on musculoskeletal ultrasound and advanced non-operative modalities to aid in the rehabilitation and treatment of athletes.
  • Hobbies: Skiing and hiking; I could spend 365 days out of the year in the mountains.

Why did you choose the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno Family Medicine Residency? There are several reasons I chose UNR for fellowship training. First and foremost, it’s because of the faculty and subsequent wealth of knowledge and expertise that surrounds the program, ultimately providing the foundation of my training. The program director is fellowship trained in sports medicine and additionally is a Fellow of the Academy of Wilderness Medicine. This passion for wilderness medicine translates into incredibly unique training experiences outside the standard curriculum such as high-altitude medicine, diving medicine (with scuba certification), rodeo coverage and 6 weeks of ski coverage at Lake Tahoe’s Squaw Valley/Alpine Meadows. Further, the associate program director is not only nationally recognized as a leader within the sports medicine community and NCAA, but authored the primary care sports medicine and ultrasound curriculums. Additionally, I have one-on-one didactics with one of the original cardiologists whose research lead to the current consensus statement on international criteria for electrocardiographic interpretation in athletes. I also work with a PCSM physician who specializes in occupational medicine, with decades of experiencing and a wealth of knowledge to further augment my training. Moreover, UNR fellows provide unopposed healthcare and management to a broad spectrum of high-level Division 1 athletes. It’s an honor and privilege to be one of the 2019-2020 sports medicine fellows at the University of Nevada, Reno, and look forward to continuing their tradition of medical excellence and furthering advancements in modern medicine.

Joshua Wood, MDJoshua Wood M.D.

  • Medical School: Universidad Autonoma de Guadalajara
  • Undergraduate College: College of the Ozarks
  • Career Goals: To enjoy what I do, Sports Medicine/ family practice as well as short term mission trips
  • Hobbies: Hobbies: Soccer, Mountain biking, hiking, sailing, snowboarding, scuba, camping, hanging out with my family, traveling, disc golf, rock climbing, and traveling.

Why did you choose the University of Nevada School of Medicine, Reno Family Medicine Residency?The biggest draw to this program for me is it’s unparalleled faculty, who enjoy teaching. As someone who enjoys the outdoors and learning this fellowship is the perfect fit for me. One major thing that drew me to this program was the opportunity to learn some unique types of sports medicine. I’m most excited about the 6 weeks of ski medicine, 1 month scuba rotation, learning about and being involved in wilderness medicine courses, and lastly working with rodeo athletes. The variety of event coverage we actively participate in, and the depth of knowledge I am able to receive from the faculty is exceptional. As a fellow, I will have the unique opportunity to learn about reading ECG specifically related to an athletes from one of the pioneers in the field. As someone who enjoys an active lifestyle, I understand the frustrations that come from injuries on and off the field. I am excited to learn from the best as well as be one of the lead physicians to division one level athletes of a variety of teams.