Past Fellows

Department of Family and Community Medicine

Past Fellows: Sports Medicine

Christopher Amundsen M.D. 2018-2019
Christopher Amundsen M.D.
Shane Hawthorne M.D. 2018-2019
Shane Hawthorne M.D.
Jonathon Diulio M.D. 2017-2018
Jonathon Diulio M.D.
Chad Vaccarelli M.D. 2017-2018
Chad Vaccarelli M.D.

Anubhav Agarwal M.D. 2016-2017
Anubhav Agarwal M.D.
Alejandro De La Parra Landa M.D. 2015-2016
Alejandro De La Parra Landa M.D.
Quoc-Phong Tran M.D. 2014-2015
Quoc-Phong Tran M.D.
Brad Sako M.D. 2013-2014
Brad Sako M.D.

Ryan Zerr D.O. 2012-2013
Ryan Zerr D.O.
Cristin Newkirk M.D. 2011-2012
Cristin Newkirk M.D.
Ali Shahin M.D. 2010-2011
Ali Shahin M.D.
Tony Chang M.D. 2009-2010
Tony Chang M.D.

Todd Lorenc M.D. 2008-2009
Todd Lorenc M.D.